Linked Benefit Products

Alternatives to standard long term care insurance.

Life Insurance with Long Term Care Benefits
Life insurance and long term care benefits in one product, helping you manage your assets now so you can enjoy more financial freedom later. Your premium payment provides a pool of benefit dollars available for long term care for you, or a death benefit for your beneficiaries, or both.

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Fixed Annuity with Long Term Care Benefits
There are two types of annuities with long term care benefits, one you purchase before needing care, and one you purchase after needing care.

The idea behind the before needing care annuity is to pair the safety and tax-deferred growth of a single premium deferred annuity (SPDA) with long term care (LTC) coverage. With a few simple choices, you can leverage assets to create a larger pool of benefit dollars available for comprehensive long term care should the need arise.

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